Saturday, January 26, 2013

Coming Soon

Happy Saturday Bloggers! I’m very excited to share a few new ventures I will be undertaking with all of my lovely followers!

First of all, I will be doing my very first Author Spotlight next month on February 22nd featuring Christina Mobley, author of Elementris- book one of The Vangeretta Curse Series. The spotlight will feature information about Mobley and a review of Elementris, along with a synapsis of her soon-to-be-released second entitled Exposure. I’m thrilled to be working with Christina and hope this is the first of many author spotlights to come.

My second piece of news is that I will be adding a children’s page to my blog. As a mother of two youngsters, I’m a huge advocate of children’s literacy and would love to share my ideas and discoveries on ways you can get kids excited about reading. I’ll also highlight some of our favorite children’s books. I hope to get this page up-and-running sometime in the next month.

And finally, I’m pleased to announce that I’m launching my own proofreading business! As an author of several short stories, I know how difficult it can be to find someone qualified to review a manuscript. As an avid reader, I am truly surprised at the number of mistakes I come across in books these days- and I’m not just talking about self-published books here- big name publishers are putting out product that is full of mistakes! I know I’m not the only reader who finds these errors a little off-putting, but I also know that editing and proofreading services aren’t cheap. Many proofreaders out there charge an arm and leg to provide this service, but since I am just starting up, I have made my rates very affordable. My services entail an in-depth proofread with mark-up and a report of findings. At this time I won’t be offering developmental editing services but I hope to in the future.

Here is my website if you would like more information about my proofreading services and want to view my credentials:

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, happy reading! Sara


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